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i              2024 Officers:

Director:  Jerry Keating 425-308-1517

Asst. Director:  John Garrigues 360-739-4386

Secretary:  Pam Reeves - 425-330-8236

Treasurer: Michael Gilbert 360-739-4451

HOG Manager: Jenny Burton 360-454-500

Activities: Doni Keating 425-478-3037

Ladies of Harley: OPEN

Head Road Captain: Greg Jackson 206-849-3819 and

John Garrigues 360-739-4386 and

Editor:  Doni Keating 425-478-3037

Safety Officer:  Roger Valentine  360-941-1436

Photographer: John Garrigues 360-739-4386

Historian: Mona Hering 360-470-2030

Membership: Doni Keating 425-478-3037 and

Pam Reeves - 425-330-8236

Patches: Rick Leeson

Chaplain: Mark Reeves

Webmaster: Bern Miller 206-595-5863

i       History of Past Officers

Click here for a downloadable document

Registered Members

Road Captains


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